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Spring 2020

“I spin tales with heathens, and have charmed a concrete rose”

From “This is Not a Love Story” by Emily Tan

Coriann Willingham / Melissa Rodriguez / Najy Knee / Emily Tan / Jordan Cooper / Todd Cummings / Patrick Olszewski / Machelle Kelley / Jillian Smith / Jillian Beach / Piper Smythe / Andrea Veras

Fall 2019

“The vibrations were overwhelming, like a blue whale singing in my skull, and I lost myself in an ocean of nothing. My thoughts, my memories. I couldn’t call them mine.

From “I Cleared my Mind” by Piper Smythe.

Brianna Kane / Alaina Henry / Jenna Langlais / A’knesha Davis-Darkwah / Veronica Meehan / Alan Meyer / Sierra Blake / EmilyRose Navarro / Piper Smythe / Luca Oddo