Exquisite Corpse

At the last meeting before break, the club did some Exquisite Corpse poetry. Each line was written by a different person, who only saw the line before it. It was a fun and creative way to get everyone involved! We hope everyone has a great Spring Break, and see you on the Wednesday after! Here are the … More Exquisite Corpse

Pulp City Submissions, Yesterday’s Meeting, Social Media, and more!

Our last day for submissions of Pulp City (the print magazine) is next Wednesday, February 22nd! Send your poems, monologues, short fiction to dchampoux@hcc.edu to be considered for print publication! Don’t miss out! We held our meeting yesterday in our normal meeting space in Don 360 as the Black History Month Spoken Word event had … More Pulp City Submissions, Yesterday’s Meeting, Social Media, and more!

People Watching

The club met on Wednesday at the Club Expo. Our prompt was simple: observe the people coming in and out of the Expo. It was fortunate that our table was right by the door to the building, so there was a constant flow of various people to see. Dave gave us some prompts to use … More People Watching

Looking Back

This past Wednesday was the first meeting of the Creative Writing Club of the Spring semester. There was good mix of friendly faces as well as new ones! Our settle-in writing started with remembering back to certain points in our lives where we were in difficult situations or crises. It could be a specific moment … More Looking Back