Spring, 2021 Issue

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  • Lost – Anahis Nieves
    You see everything went downhill starting two years ago It just can’t process in my head that everything has changed I’m older. More mature. I’ve lost people. I’ve met people. If only I knew what was to come two years ago I would’ve mentally prepared myself for the ride A ride full of    … Continue reading Lost – Anahis Nieves
  • Change – Idona Dulude
    The feeling of a fist pounding into Adeline’s abdomen. He never used to be like this. What caused him to change? Was it her doing good in school? Or her mom running away with her boss?  There was nothing there to keep him in one piece, besides Adeline. But why would he think he needed… Continue reading Change – Idona Dulude
  • Beach – Olivia Downs
    Olivia sat on the beach, one of her favorite places to be. She only had a few days left before it was time to board the plane home, so she was trying to soak in as much sun and sea as she could. Perhaps taking a vacation right around the time of her finals wasn’t… Continue reading Beach – Olivia Downs

Recent Issues

Spring 2020

“I spin tales with heathens, and have charmed a concrete rose”

From “This is Not a Love Story” by Emily Tan

Coriann Willingham / Melissa Rodriguez / Najy Knee / Emily Tan / Jordan Cooper / Todd Cummings / Patrick Olszewski / Machelle Kelley / Jillian Smith / Jillian Beach / Piper Smythe / Andrea Veras

Fall 2019

“The vibrations were overwhelming, like a blue whale singing in my skull, and I lost myself in an ocean of nothing. My thoughts, my memories. I couldn’t call them mine.

From “I Cleared my Mind” by Piper Smythe.

Brianna Kane / Alaina Henry / Jenna Langlais / A’knesha Davis-Darkwah / Veronica Meehan / Alan Meyer / Sierra Blake / EmilyRose Navarro / Piper Smythe / Luca Oddo