“Playground” – poem by Michelle Trottier



to live within undergarments
sleek and dark, to prance
through the world careless and free, memories
alive and current. that day you came
and we were face to face, so young
and unmysterious. your thin long fingers rushing
underneath the seams in the back of a car rushing
down the mass pike, summerlike
breezy and warm. we went to the park
full of athletes groaning when the rain began
and the park grew cold and suddenly so far
away from the college where books were put aside
for ball games and opinions were put aside
for rolling eyes and descending heads
onto graffitied desks, and we were alone sitting
on a bench growing softer in its september bath…




yesterday it did not rain
it was cool. you walked beside me like
an old friend and talked of children and
the day in the park where
you held me like a stranger while
the rain soaked through our clothes
my legs were damp.
your wet face rested on my chest.
we swung and our hair fanned our faces

in the playground we lay under the stars
and kiss like lovers, like
children, and wait to bring them

One thought on ““Playground” – poem by Michelle Trottier

  1. I like how this seems like a swirl – a montage of charged memories. For some reason I’m remembering the end of “Dazed and Confused” as well.

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