Short Piece by DeMara Tucker


These cotton sheets on my skin are creating an addictive urge for me to lay here after hours and during my early morning work schedule. This is my third time being late for my job at the local grocery store just two blocks away. The big blanket is most of the reason why I lay here forgetting the infinite square foot world around me. Long lines at the registers dont make me budge. I could care less about the worthless wonders standing impatiently for pancakes and a pack of gum. My head sank into my fully feathered and fluffed pillow at the bottom of the headboard lining near the head of my giant mattress. I zoned out watching the blades of the ceiling fan slowly circle a countless amount of times. The breeze from outside blew through and invaded my golden wood shutters sending cool air reminding me of when he used to blow slightly all over my body from head to toe. Those were the times. Happy times. Unemployed days. I sometimes wish to be able to take those seconds back like a cash refund. Yet these sheets still give me a sense of relief as if I were nervous about presenting a book report and the teacher was absent with out notice. They give me memories. The past visions takes me places Ive never seen before. I get warm in my belly and overheat myself and hyper ventilate almost taking my breath away… Again why do I not get out of bed ? Oh, my boss is calling me. I guess I should go on to work now.
                                                                                                                  -DeMara Tucker

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