Distress of a Psycho – by DeMara Tucker


i was two seconds from pullin
this pistol in my hand was talkin me to death
to your death
you kept thinkin you could control me and tell me and constantly tell me i wasnt pretty
with lack of affection
still you stood there
starin at the barrel so hard your eyes took it off safety…

you just a punk
neva thought i knew about her didnt you
this that shit
that same stuff i be talkin bout
when you first met me i was already about to pop the last dude for doin that same thing
he had that exact same dumb look on his face
but your expression was much uglier
i almost gave in with him because of the dimple on the right side of his face
that was a beauty mark
but what he left on me wasnt
im not even gon go there cuz you did the same thing
and right now if i even think about the bullet hole in my shoulder five pinky fingers from my heart or the giant, or as Weezy would say “colossal”, scar on my back from the kitchen table chair you threw at me…
i wanna pull the trigger RIGHT NOW

but you look so sweet and innocent
shakin like i did when i used to work at that one club off 31st
i cant give in
you lookin real scared and i got you where ive always wanted yo dumb self
you my baby though
we was about to have a son not too long ago but you ruined it
the bruise to my stomach really messed that up
well since i havent got the chance to ever meet our creation
its about time you do…

omg i just did this… he is on the floor and the blood that we once shared is at me feet
i miss you
i love you
i want to be the family we always wanted now…

i smiled as you kissed me
tears of joy came as i saw our beautiful son say
“hi mommy”


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