Flash Fiction from Kristina Bancroft

Fiction, Flash Fiction

She pleads in guilt to him. Tightly her hands are clutched to his image on the cross. A split second she thinks back on her crime. Richard tells her he loves her. Together they embrace.


How could she have done this? She was a nun of the church. She betrayed God by loving another man. She could not help her attraction to him.. She cries to god and offers her deepest apology. She had been a nun only for a year. She was still new at her profession. All her life she dreamed of about becoming a nun. She never knew something like this would happen.


She had met Richard one day at church. She saw him come into the empty church. He had been crying. He crouched down in the bench, with his hands together. He looked at the image of Jesus at the front of the altar. He closed his eyes and began to pray.  She could only hear his mumbles. She studied him. She felt his pain. Richard was praying for his wife who was in heaven now. She had been killed in a car accident. He then started to act hysterical. She came up to him with a rosary in her hands. She touched his back gently.


Richard was still praying for his wife. She just stood there looking at him and feeling his grief. It wasn’t till ten minutes still he noticed her touch. He quickly looked back at her, with tears in his eyes. He screamed out “Sister you have to help me. I lost without her, you hear. I can’t live without her. You have to help me.”


“I will help you.” she nodded. “I feel your pain through the touch of your hand.”


Richard looked up at her and said, “You do.”


“I do” she replied. They shared a special moment.


She looked at him and he looked at her. “Sister, how will you help me”


“The only way I know how, through the grace of god. She looked at him. Little did she know that this would be the start of a ungodly affair that would devastate the meaning of the church.    


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