Some Strange Verse – by Shannon Massey


His hair fell in a way that disguised those big blue eyes, which he flashed at her all too often. It fell in just the right way to break her heart whenever she looked at him; the utter perfection of it was overwhelming. As his eyes reflected the candlelight they stared deep inside of her in a knowing way. That face was so full of love, with all of it’s parts molded seamlessly together. The rich brown meshed so well with the varying shades of blue. Match that with his smile, fleeting and rare, and there he is.

When looking at him from an outsider’s perspective one would see the clumsiness, the unshaven face, and tired eyes. But they were blind, and she relished that more than anything. Not only was she lucky enough to have found a love so strong, but she held onto it. While others her age came and went, with their shallow thinking and teenage subtleties, she remained. This was something to take pride in, as he, too, remained. Classify it as a superiority complex, encounter of the outcasts, or what have you – they called it love.

How else can one explain the power of his simplest actions in eliciting a response so deep from within her, it could only be called natural. It brought her back to a time where humans loved for the sake of love itself, and nothing else. Despite all of the impurities in their past, this love seemed the purest of all.. His hands knew her body better than she did, a kiss was all it took for him to convey his love for her, and those eyes. They pierced through her futile attempts to cover her depression, and they never lied, as much as he dared them to. They witnessed it all, never failing to detect a stray tear in times of trouble.

Of course, this could all be continued for days on end. Isn’t that what love is all about? To cherish the slightest, most insignificant things about another human being. To know them well enough to find a favorite bodily location, such as his protruding hip bones. Or, in spirit, to offer support when the rest of the world seems to have shut down. And above all, to provide laughter and lightness of heart, always in hope of producing that rare smile of his. Because when she sees that smile, the world stops, her heart fills to the brim, and she knows that nothing in this world is entirely hopeless.







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