“The Princess of Light” – Exerpt by C.M. Brighid Bachleda



        There were once two princesses, one of light and the other of darkness; both fell in love with a handsome prince of a distant kingdom. But sadly, the prince’s heart was shattered by a curse and left him emotionless. The Princess of Light felt sorry for the prince, but the Princess of Darkness thought that a prince with no heart was perfect and she took him away. The prince was like a puppet and the dark princess was the puppet master, she had the prince say things that she wanted to hear and do things that she wanted to do.

       The Princess of Darkness loved the prince and kept him by her side, she wasn’t going to let him go. The dark princess didn’t care what anyone thought she was doing was wrong, she loved that the prince didn’t have a heart or emotions to express. The Princess of Darkness was going to keep the prince the way he was and no one was going to change that. The Princess of Light also loved the prince and wanted him to have his heart back.


       The light princess thought that it was wrong that the prince was being treated as a puppet; he deserved to express his emotions. The Princess of Darkness would sneer and say that a heart and emotions were worthless burdens to have. The Princess of Light became more determined; she set off on a journey in search for the pieces of the prince’s heart. The light princess faced many dangers in her search, yet her love for the prince was strong.

       That love helped her find all the pieces of the prince’s heart after many days. The Princess of Light returned home with the prince’s heart, wanting to restore it to the prince. But the Princess of Darkness wasn’t going to let that happen, the dark prince locked the prince into a coffin. The coffin was covered with sharp poisonous thorns and the light princess wasn’t going to be let near it.


       Soon the two princesses were fighting: the Princess of Darkness was trying to destroy the prince’s heart, while the Princess of Light protected the heart with her body. The battle was fierce and the light princess had many wounds on her body, but she wasn’t going to give up protecting the prince’s heart. The dark princess summoned her most powerful dark spell; she was going to use the spell to destroy the prince’s heart. If the prince’s heart was destroyed the prince would forever belong to the Princess of Darkness.

       The Princess of Light used her body as a shield and protected the prince’s heart from being destroyed by the dark spell. The light princess would’ve been destroyed by the spell along with the prince’s heart…Yet the Princess of Light survived, but she was terribly wounded and her heart was glowing. The light princess had the upper hand; she summoned a spell and used it to seal the Princess of Darkness away.


       The body of the dark princess turned into dark light, that seeped into a tear sized crimson red ruby; this was the heart of the dark princess and it held all her dark powers. The ruby pulsed with dark light as it floated in the air, before it flew away and was lost. The Princess of Light pricked her fingers and palms on the sharp poisonous thorns as she tore them off the coffin. With her hand bleeding, the light princess opened the coffin where the prince laid inside asleep as if in death.

       The Princess of Light returned to the prince his heart and kissed him, she watched the prince open her eyes and his emotions came back to him. But sadly, the light princess was wounded and the poison was starting to kill her. She confessed her love to the prince, she told him everything as she slowly died. Her body became encased in light, which shrunk and became a tear sized crystal.

       The crystal glowed and pulsed like a heart, this was the remains of her heart, soul and powers. The prince had the crystal made into a pendant and he wore it always as he traveled. He told people the story of the light princess, who saved and restore to him his heart. The prince never married as he grew old, he continued to wear his beloved’s gift till the day he died. The crystal was soon lost and forgotten along with the story of the Princess of Light.

       But this is not the end of the story.



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