Creative Writing Prompts!

Club Prompts

1) Keep sending your poems, short stories, plays, rants, whatever to for this blog and Literary Magazine Pulp City.

2) New Writing Prompts for our next Creative Writing Meeting which is in two weeks – Wednesday, March 4th at 11am:


Write from any/all of the following FOUR prompts – go wherever you want with them…

A) Trigger Words: “hidden,” “Spring,” and “Winter.”


B) “Pick a number…”


C) Write a letter. A “real” letter to a real person OR a made-up one – from/to a fictional character.


You could write to someone from your present or past. They could be someone you see often, or someone you may never see again. They could be living or passed away. You could even write to someone you never met.


This could be a letter of gratitude, or it could be a letter where you address issues you have with this person.

This assignment is borrowed from the book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” (which I highly recommend) and it can be very effective.


D) Reflect on someone you think differently about than you used to.



Look forward to hearing from you soon…

Dave Champoux
Creative Writing Advisor
Holyoke Community College




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