Observation Poems… “Greener Days” by Kevin Mulcahy


Students in a class were asked to go sit in some “natural” environment for 5 minutes and write down everything they sensed and everything they thought about. They would then take these notes and create a poem. These students are not experienced poets, yet here is one example (more to come in the coming weeks) of what they came up with…



Greener Days – Kevin Mulcahy


Its not like I remember,
all I see is Brown and Grey.
Footsteps echo as ghosts pass,
but I can still hear the songs play.
Prophets and plaques, books and chemicals,
dreams of a greener day.
Its been forever, years have past,
and somehow I was lost along the way.



3 thoughts on “Observation Poems… “Greener Days” by Kevin Mulcahy

  1. I don’t think he meant that he literally heard a ghost. I read it as a figure of speech (like the ghosts of past days or memories or whatever.)

  2. I was struck by how “far” some of the students took this prompt. Some poems were basically a record of what the person was experiencing in the moment (see the new post from 3/2/09), whereas for others, like this one, the student really seemed to let his mind take off – which for me was very effective. He may have been sitting in a room that reminded him of certain times and experiences, but the poem leaves the room and enters the experiences.

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