My Wolf Brother – by Crystal Ennis


We get a variety of poems submitted from different genres- including fantasy. Here’s a recent one…

My Wolf Brother

One wolf sister howls saddening but encouraging tunes to her wolf brother.
Cry she speaks let your rage loose, let your tears fall, only then can you begin to heal.
When you heal we will heal with you, as our cries join your own, you are our leader, it is you who has lost a brother wolf.
You are the son of a son; we are sisters of a sister.
Let the moon’s rays be your healing light.
Let the howls that we cry be your tears.
Let us be one as our voices reach the sky’s moon to our lost brother.
When he hears your voice and ours he will know that though his body may be gone his soul is part of our own.
Forever he will stay, forever he will be parted.
This though does not matter for once a brother wolf always a brother wolf he shall be.

By Crystal Ennis


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