“Twilight” poems by Crystal Ennis


A common creative prompt is to look at other forms of writing as inspiration. Here are some poems by Crystal Ennis based on the recent “Twilight” books…

Twilight “love”           by Crystal Ennis


Vampire, a being one should fear

I see him, my heart beating fast

Afraid not me


Know what you are

Hand so cold, like snow

Eyes black then gold


Blood of animals you drink

The sun you walk in

Skin like sparkling diamonds


Powers you have

Speed, longevity, forever young


Falling in love with you

Wish to be like you

Telling me no you can’t


Run from me if you must

Finding you I will





Falling tears               by Crystal Ennis


Rain falling from clouds sadness

To heal the tears from crying eyes

Water flowing in heavy waves to swallow the emotions of rage


Mother moon be with us

Wolves howling to the moon to a brother lost

Mother moon be with us


Answering to the howls, lighting a path

 We sisters and brothers are one print of a wolf

In this wolf we are many


Mother moon guide us

Rain falling from stars above

To heal the wounds of new and old

Water flowing in a gentle wave to encourage us all to release our rage

Mother earth guide us





Death be my guide                 by Crystal Ennis



Let me see not with clouded eyes

No longer do I wish to dream but to see reality

The pain I must feel sadness I must understand

With eyes unclouded I see death with a new light

The light of angels


Let them show me the to the light

Out of the darkness, with there songs of purity

Forgiveness, love, understanding

Through there music I hear my voice

A voice that will join others

When times come I will be ready

 To fly with wings as white as snow


Let me see not with clouded eyes

But eyes unclouded

Let me see





Vampire “black rose”            by Crystal Ennis


Black rose in darkness you grow

Light does not see, black rose

Your thorns are my fangs

Your juice the blood I drink, black rose


Moonlit path I follow

Seeking those like me

Black rose, my home I have found

My brother, sister, mate

Be they here too, black rose

Your thorns harm me not

I am you, you are me


Black rose, we are one

We hunt that witch is weak

As we are strong


Young I will stay, never to die

For eternal death is mine

Black rose, light is my sin

For no soul do I bare


Black rose, a stack in my heart

Only death will come

Water I cannot cross

Black rose, it burns us both

Fire in our veins



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