Flash Fiction Creative Writing Prompts

Club Prompts, Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction Contest: We had our fifth Flash Fiction contest on Wednesday, April 8th. We’ll announce the winners of the “in-person” contest in the next week. In the meantime, we’ll open up the entries to a second, informal contest here on the web. Check out the following three prompts, and go from there…  

1)      First, look at the picture on this link (by HCC alum Aliea Wallace)…






2)      The first sentence of your story must follow “The 5 Letters” game, which is…

You are given 5 letters. You must start each word of your first sentence with those letters, in order. For example, if you were given the 3 letters A, R, and E, you might start your first sentence with… “Alicia ran erratically…” or “All rain erodes…”


The 5 letters that you’ll start YOUR story with are…

W        A         D         C         S



3)      Beyond those 2 prompts, consider the following:

o       “A man receives a letter in the mail.”

o       “The broken glass in the street reflects…”

o       any of the following: the color green, smooth gesture, a dumpster.


This is not a quiz, so take the prompts and then go wherever you want to go with them. Get as creative as you want to.


When you finish, e-mail a copy of the story to dchampoux@gmail.com (subject line: Flash Fiction). We’ll post entries here, and even pick an online winner…


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