High School Mystery – by Poch Peralta


Here’s an outside submission (thanks!). If you like the crime/mystery genre…

By Poch Peralta

In this case, Lt. Joe Picasso decided to seek help from a psychic. Psychics are those who use ‘vibrations‘ to locate clues or missing persons themselves. A federal agent (of all people) recommended  this psychic named Madame Aura, a plump woman who was about 5 feet 3. She looks like sixty.
  Joe put 10 ID cards on Mme. Aura’s desk.
  ‘Theft has been going on at La Salle High School,’ announced Joe P. ‘Just petty thefts but will taint the school’s reputation.’
  ‘The police can’t solve the problem?’ asked M Aura.
  ‘The president of the school doesn’t want publicity of course. The integrity of the school would be tarnished.’
  ‘I see’
  ‘Those are ID cards of the suspected students. I understand that you need belongings of persons you need to… ahh, get some ‘vibrations’ from,’ JP said doubtfully.
  ‘Can you name me some of the stolen things?’
  ‘Books, pen cases Gameboys, and other small things. We wonder why mobile phones or watches weren’t stolen.’
  ‘Yes. That’s odd…well, you can leave these ID’s to me. I will probably have some clues for you tomorrow afternoon.’
  ‘Well, tomorrow then. Good day ma’am.’
M. Aura phoned JP the next day before 2 pm.
  ‘This is a puzzle for me indeed Mr. Picasso. Before I can sense a suspect, I sensed that one of the boys is in great danger. His name is William Aldover and I must talk to him.’ Joe noticed the alarm in Aura’s voice. ‘It is as if he is begging for help!’
  ‘May I remind you ma’am that we’re working on a theft case here?’
  ‘Young man, I do not care about the money I earn from this. If this boy William dies, do you think your conscience will be strong enough?’
  JP was stunned. And stumped. He was forced to think! Finally he said grudgingly, ‘I’ll call you later.’
Joe rang back after 30 minutes later.
  ‘Sorry to tell you ma’am but William’s father just informed the school that William will be fetched home today.’
  ‘Then you have to bring William to me before he be fetched.’ Aura stunned JP again.
  He said, ‘Do you realize…’
  ‘You will find the stolen things under the statue of St. Michael on the school’s chapel. After that, bring William to me.’ Aura instructed then hung up.
About 4 pm, Joe P and William entered Aura’s home-cum-office.
  ‘William.’ Aura said cheerfully. ‘I’m so glad to see you.’
William was a somewhat gaunt and thin 12 year old boy.
  ‘I want to get home at once please!’ He replied.
  ‘You must not go home today William. And you know what I mean, don’t you my dear?’
The boy suddenly cried then walked towards Madame Aura and hugged each other. Joe was wondering if the two haven’t met before.
  ‘Will you explain what’s happening here now ma’am?’ He asked.
  ‘You can say that we ‘know’ each other. William is also a psychic. We read each other’s mind. He is in hell now on account of his being psychic.’
  ‘Do you realize that we could be charged with kidnapping if we hold him here?
  ‘William will give me his home phone number and I will talk to his parents.’ Aura looked at the boy. ‘You will do that dear won’t you?’
  ‘But I still want to go home.’ William said weakly and cried again.
  ‘There is nothing you can do even if you go dear. You know that don’t you?’ She turned to Joe. ‘Now stop worrying young man. I assure you that no harm will come to William and that you will not be blamed for anything.’
  ‘Well, have it your own way. I’ll contact you if there’s any development.’
It took until past 9 pm before Madame A was able to calm William down and put to sleep. JP was back at past 10.
  ‘I can’t believe I’m starting to believe in psychics like you.’ He said. ‘We found the stolen things where you said we would. No wonder you’re famous at the FBI.’
Suddenly, they heard William screaming.
  ‘I want to die with them! Don’t leave me alone! Please!’
Aura rushed to him at the bedroom door and embraced him.
She turned to Joe and whispered, ‘Note the time.10.49.’
After a while when it seemed that William was asleep again, Joe decided to leave to avoid disturbing the already disturbed boy.
The next morning, Joe was back at Aura’s.
  ‘I know you don’t read the papers but you have to read now.’ Joe handed the newspaper to M Aura and pointed at an article on the second page. It read:
  Family of three massacred
  ‘William’s father, mom, and sister all dead,’continued Joe. ‘Happened shortly before 11pm. That’s why William wanted to get home isn’t it? He knew it would happen?’
  ‘Yes. He sensed the violence that would happen. Now, he could blame me that he is still alive while his whole family is all gone. Worse, he might blame himself for being alive. Guilt, you know. Now, I wonder if my saving his life was wise! It is now my duty to see that he grow up normally and healthy God help me!’
  ‘You don’t have to worry so much. The police told me that he’s got a rich uncle who wants to adopt him. He’s William’s favorite uncle too.’
  ‘By the way, you can stop hunting for the school thief now.’
Joe appeared surprised for a while. Then he said, ‘William?’
  ‘You noticed that the thief ignored stealing expensive things? Because he did not steal for gain. He stole to draw ‘indirect’ attention. A cry for help. He cannot ask anybody for help because he knew no one would believe him—a psychic. So he stole so he might attract help. And it worked. It was brilliant!’

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