New Creative Writing Prompts – and a first response by Gary Picard…

Club Prompts, Poetry

First, a big list of trigger words…

…danger, candlelight, pattern, pond, beach, truck, hinge, insanity, creme brulee, billow, love, gun, frame, parking lot, work, marshmallow, thread…

Take any, all, or none of those as beginning, middle, and/or end-points and…

1) Write a 5-sentence story.

2) Write a short (1-2 page?) play.

Click on the “comments” link at the end of this post to see writers’ responses…


2 thoughts on “New Creative Writing Prompts – and a first response by Gary Picard…

  1. And a response to the other prompts…

    He did love her, and his thoughts were of that night dancing on the beach by candlelight. So instead of going to work, he turned his truck around in the parking lot, smiling at the insanity of the idea. When he arrived at the pond he could see her cabins chimney smoke against the random pattern of billowing clouds that looked like freshly scooped marshmallow. He got out and walked passed the “Danger Thin Ice” sign never noticing someone with a gun had blown the frame to bits, some of which was still hanging by a thread. All the way to her door he kept smiling and humming and fingering a little box in his pocket.

    Gary Picard

  2. And in honor of his dog’s birthday…

    DAISY – by Gary Picard

    “ So, you don’t care if the dogs shit in the house.”

    “ No, like I said it doesn’t bother me.”

    “ Why doesn’t it bother you?”

    “ Because they’re only dogs and they can’t help it.”

    “ Well, if you leave them outside longer, maybe that’ll help.”

    “ But it’s cold out.”

    “ They’re dogs. They’re covered in fur. I don’t think they mind that much.”

    “ Well I mind, and I don’t mind cleaning up the occasional mess.”

    “ Don’t you care that I find it disgusting ? How would you like it if I squatted down right here?

    “ Now you’re just being ridiculous.”

    “ I’m not, I’m trying to make a point. You baby these dogs way too much.”

    “ I’m their mommy. Somebody has to take care of them.”

    “ Are you still cold?” Do you want me to put another log on the fire?”

    “ That would be nice. Thanks.”

    “ While I’m up can I warm up your tea for you?”

    “ No, I’m OK.”

    “ Fine.”

    “ Where were we…”

    “ You were telling me how much you hate our dogs.”

    “ They’re your dogs, not mine. Nobody in their right mind would have three dogs.”

    “ We do.”

    “ Like I said…”

    “ Why don’t you like these dogs? What have they ever done to you?”

    “ Oh, I don’t know. Let me see, they sleep in my bed, crap in my yard, and sleep in my bed.”

    “ They’re dogs. That’s what they do, besides give us love.”

    “ They give you love, they give me a pain in the ass. Speaking of asses, why does the little one always have to stick hers on my pillow?”

    “ She loves you. She wants to be near you.”

    “ She hates me and wants to gag me.”

    “ I thought you had a dog growing up as a kid?”

    “ We did. And we did what every respectable dog owner did with their dog. We chained her to a spike in the ground in the back yard.”

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