Writing Prompt: 3 Scenarios…

Club Prompts

What is going on here? What story/poem/play goes along with any/all of the following scenarios…

1. A young child sits in a grocery cart playing with a toy, alone.

2. A couple sees a young woman in line to get into a concert, but she doesn’t see them yet.

3. A man pulls his car over to the side of the road and waits 5 minutes before getting out.

Take any of these prompts and go wherever they take you. Feel free to post your results in a reply to this message.

If you need even more to think about, consider the following trigger words…






What do any of these words suggest to you?

Feel free to post your results in a response to this post.

We look forward to reading what you write…


One thought on “Writing Prompt: 3 Scenarios…

  1. As the car roles to a stop, the last few notes of Unwritten can be heard echoing from the speakers. The PRNDL jumps from D to P causing the radio station to change as the drivers hand hits the radio. The contact between flesh and hard plastic isn’t recognized until the first few words of a new song reach his ears… “The smell of your skin lingers…” putting words to the feeling he can’t quite express. Jerked out of his trance-like state, Kevin, the Manny for the affluent LaRue Family, quickly switched the radio back to his favorite station, not wanting to be reminded of the previous night so blatantly.

    4:56 PM. Four minutes to go.

    “…when you feel all alone…” An oldie. Well certainly not in the traditional sense but surely something not everyone from the generation of tomorrow listens to anymore. A song from his past, a past that is littered with one night stands and STI scares; a carefree time when nothing could go wrong… oh how the times had changed. No longer were his days so open and free. Since taking his job almost a two years ago, Kevin’s days had been filled: soccer practice, club meetings, laundry, checking homework, mentoring, volunteering, and of course going on the best vacations money could buy.

    4:57 PM

    “…when your hopes and dreams are far away
    and you feel like you can’t face the day…”

    His duties extended far beyond that though. He was father, brother, friend, and unexpectedly lover. The last was not a part of the job description, not a part of what he had signed up for. And yet, the words “never say never” echoed in his head. At 23, Kevin certainly didn’t need a 17 almost 18 year old lover. No, he needed someone that was closer to his own age… right? His child had been through so much in their short life: family problems, depression, academic rebellion, and the expected, accepted, and dealt with PSES (private school elitist syndrome usually manifesting itself as a few drunken run-ins with authorities). So perhaps this so called child was more than a child, more than a teenager, perhaps they were an emerging adult. And wasn’t that an interesting thought?

    4:58:33 PM

    “let be the one you call…”

    M had come to his room, with R in tow. They had both been deeply troubled. M had been crying on R’s shoulder for hours now and was finally ready to tell Kevin what had happened. Poor M had a broken heart. Broken by a teenage boy that didn’t deserve M. Taking M into his arms, Kevin rocked back and forth trying to comfort the child as best he could. Yet nothing seemed to work.

    Then R had made a wild suggestion, what if M spent the night with Kevin. Surely held in Kevin’s strong arms, M would start to feel better and so that was how night had started, innocently enough. R quickly left the room as Kevin and M curled into a tight ball, M, slender shoulders, resting against Kevin’s bare pecs, his strong muscular arms holding M close to him. A few moments later, a perfectly innocent beginning had become a much racier encounter.

    “… if you jump i’ll break your fall.”

    5:00:21 PM

    Kevin was standing outside the car waiting for the LaRue’s to exit the building. Arms crossed causally, eyes giving away the only sense that something might be wrong.

    5:02 PM

    There they were, walking towards him. The Mr. and the Mrs, with Michelle, “M”, and Robert, “R”.

    A question for the reader: Is M, a french teenager, a boy or a girl?
    Note: Lyrics are from Crash ‘n Burn by Savage Garden.

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