Scenarios: New Writing Prompts for October 21st

Club Prompts

Here are 6 scenarios (scenes, jumping off points, idea-starters). Consider one, or more than one, and see where you can go with it.  And now, the scenarios…



1) The smoke wafts up through the floorboards at an alarming rate.

2) An elderly woman talks to a young man at a bus station.

3) He stares up into the endless wonders of the blue sky, obscured by puffy white clouds that are illuminated by the golden light of the sun.

4) A place where all is dark, but slowly all changes to light and loud music.

5) A woman pulls her hair tie out and then screams.

6) A leprechaun jumps out of a cereal box.

Share your results by cutting and pasting your work into the “comment” field below, or e-mail them to If you go to HCC, come to the next CW Club meeting October 21st, 11am in Don-360.


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