Writing Prompt: The Color of Senses

Club Prompts

This is one of 2 writing prompts to work on in the next few weeks (the other one will come next week), and it is a variation on a “trigger word” prompt where you’re given a single word (in this case, a color), and that’s it – just take whatever the word makes you think of and go from there.

However, this version has a “pre-writing” step that’s quick, easy, and often surprisingly helpful…

The Prompt:

1)       Pick a color – any color. You might try “orange” – since it’s October. Write it down at the top of a page.

2)       Then, write each of the 5 senses down the left hand side of the page – sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touch (and even “emotion,” if you want). And for each one – brainstorm the details you associate with that color.

Now… for some of them you will be literal (an orange “sight” might be a leaf in autumn, but for others – like touch – the detail might be more impressionistic: what’s an orange “touch”? emotion?)

3)       Once you have your list of details, go from there: a story, a poem, a play even…

Feel free to post your response in the “Message” box below, or send it to dchampoux@gmail.com. Looking forward to reading your work…

This is prompt is adapted from Margot Fortunato Galt’s exercise “The Lost Sense” in “Old Faithful” – edited by Christopher Edgar and Ron Padgett


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