Writing Prompt: Re-Writing History

Club Prompts

Remember a time when you were younger and in a difficult situation…



You could choose a specific crisis, or maybe just a general period where you felt sad, or strange – an outcast, left out – or any time that comes to you as not the best period of your life.

Now, write from the point of view of this “younger” you. But…

This time, give yourself a little more ability to deal with the situation. You don’t have to turn yourself into a superhero (unless you want to), and you don’t have to give really unusual abilities, intelligence, or insight for the age that you’ve chosen. But, in the spirit of “If I only knew then what I know now,” what if you knew a little more then? What if you could do a little more?

NOTE: You could also substitute a younger “you” with a younger “someone I used to know” – or even, “this strange kid I never got to know very well, but I wonder what he/she was really like…”

 Post your results by leaving a comment, or send them to dchampoux@hcc.edu.

Look forward to hearing from you…


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