Sudden Fiction – by Turhan A. Branch‘e III

Fiction, Flash Fiction


We thought of Carol again. Neither of us had been able to get the image of her mangled body, or the sound of her mother’s hysterical sobbing out of our minds. They were etched in our memories now.  A macabre movie reel that just keeps playing and playing over and over again.

            Kenneth spoke first, “so what are we going to do”?

“Nothing” I answered. “You saw that thing Kenny, what the hell could we possibly do?”

“It’s our responsibility, we have to do something.”

“Like hell we do!” Mike chimed in, suddenly animate.

“Carol is dead Mike! Dead. Did you see her body? Her mother couldn’t even identify the remains until they found the logo she stitched onto her jeans.”

“What if we’re next…” Arleni squeaked. She sat next to me on the stoop, her knees drawn in tight against her chest and arms wrapped around them like she was literally trying to hold her self together. I could tell she was fraying at the seams though, pools were rippling in her eyes and her voice was hoarse from all the screaming. Her jet black her fell around her face like a black curtain.

“It’ll be alright Leni” I said, pulling her closer to me and placing my arm around her shoulder. That incurred a look from Kenneth that I don’t think I was meant to see. Oh well.

“Carol brought it on herself” pronounced Derek. His freckles seeming more pronounced than usual cast over his now pale skin. “She didn’t follow the rules, she wasn’t careful, she got it mad. We won’t have that problem, I feel better than ever, did you see me move that truck yesterday?”

This ushered in another round of sobs from Arleni. “Stop it Derek” Kenneth warned. “It’s too dangerous, we have to do something.”

“What the hell can we do Kenneth? Lets just leave it alone and maybe itt’l go away somewhere else” sad mike.

“Guys, Leni’s really shaken up as it is, let’s sort all this out later”.

            We watched with detachment as the policemen and forensic team scamper about the house ducking and dodging and stringing yellow tape about and muttering things to each other and shaking their heads all solemn and confused. They seemed like ants at work on a carcass, carrying out the routine trying to tie everything up so that life in Redridge could continue about as normal and everyone could go back to the status quo. Of course we all knew; Derek, Mike, Arleni, Kenneth and I, that that was never going to happen. Not now, not after what we saw. Things had changed here in Redridge. For good. That….thing was real, it was loose and we all knew it wasn’t done. Worst of all, we had brought it here.


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