Sudden Fiction Contest – Writing Prompt and Winners

Club Prompts, Flash Fiction

We held our semi-annual Sudden Fiction Contest last Wednesday…

Contestants were given 30 minutes work with the following 3 prompts…


1)      First, look at this picture by HCC alum Aliea Wallace:

2)      The first sentence of your story must follow “The 5 Letters” game, which is…

You are given 5 letters. You must start each word of your first sentence with those letters, in order. For example, if you were given the 3 letters A, R, and E, you might start your first sentence with… “Alicia ran erratically…” or “All rain erodes…”

The 5 letters that you’ll start YOUR story with are…

W        T          O         C         A

3)      Beyond those 2 prompts, consider the following and choose at least 1 to work with:

  • “A woman sitting by a pond puts her hand in her pocket…”
  • “A man walking down the street starts to walk faster…”
  • any of the following “trigger words”: polite, ghost, sharp, coffee, possibility

This is not a quiz, so take the prompts and then go wherever you want to go with them. Get as creative as you want to.


The Winners:

We are really glad that everyone entered. Almost everyone got mentioned among at least one of the 3 judges’ selections. Of course, “judging” creative writing is subjective, and the real point of the exercise is to get people writing and thinking, and that definitely happened.

But… contests are fun, and this was a contest, so…

Winner: Chris Trubac (winner of a 25 dollar gift certificate to the Holyoke Mall)

2nd place (tie) Turhan A. Branch‘e III, and Marykate Fleming

Come to Don-363 to collect your prizes.

 NOTE: You should still feel free to write on these prompts – and post your writing into a message (below). We look forward to reading your work.



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