“Tranquil Dance” – Sudden Fiction by Carlos Vicenty

Fiction, Flash Fiction

            William, the obtrusive, callused arranger, bursts into the back room. “This place is perfect, no?” His thick French accent muddles up his little proud giggles. “This place, she is… how do you say? Nonchalant, oui?” He looks over to the beautiful woman adorned with white. She looks towards the floor, paying no attention to William’s antics.

“This place is good, yes. But I was wondering how the courtyard looks. We’ll be holding the ceremony out there with the after party indoors.” Sighing in frustration, William takes the young woman’s hands and leads her through a giant archway. The doors swing open and a wonderful garden is revealed. The young woman walks from the doors and through the paths of bright red rose bushes. The angel statues cast their holy shadows on her, keeping the sun from reflecting off her dress. William walks up to her side, “Surely this place is… fit for the bride to be. No?”

            Taking in all the graceful radiance of the courtyard, the bride-to-be looks out towards the distance. A small pond catches her eye. Slowly she steps forth, the reflecting waters dancing around and drawing her towards them. William runs past her, yelling in French. The bride snaps out of her sudden hypnosis and looks up at the chubby man running, holding onto his beret. Curiosity caught her in its vice and the bride could not help but stare. By the pond was a woman sitting down, her left hand in her pocket. Her right hand blocked the sun from her eyes. “Another woman here? Is William trying to get a bid on this place?” After being lost in thought, the bride looks up. William stands at the edge of the pond and the mysterious woman is nowhere to be seen. The arranger simply shrugs off the incident and looks back at the bride, yelling from the short distance, “It is alright, Lisa. She is just someone who trespasses now and again. I assure you, madam. This place, she is yours if you desire.”

            Two months pass after that day, the same day Lisa booked the mansion for her wonderful wedding. Every week since then, she has found herself attracted to this entrancing place. At the end of each week she would come to the mansion, enter the courtyard, and sit in luxury and tranquility. Excited over the day her husband returns from his business trip for the wedding, she meticulously plans every step of the ceremony. “He shall stand here. The flower girl will enter from over there. The family shall sit over here, and over there.” Pacing back and forth, playing out the ceremony in her head, she bumps into something and falls. Looking up, she spies her. The mysterious woman lowers a hand towards Lisa. “Need a hand?” The woman’s words were spoken softly, but rang loudly in Lisa’s head. She cannot fathom why, but she was drawn to the woman, like the dancing waves of the pond.

            Lisa and the woman sit by the reflecting pond, discussing their lives. “My name is Blaire.” Lisa introduces herself as well. The young Lisa, the bride-to-be. Blaire smiles warmly at Lisa’s introduction. “I’m glad this place is finally getting some use.” Blaire’s words are soft, but make Lisa feel lonesome. She looks up towards Blaire’s warm smirk towards the pond. “Blaire, why do you love this place so much?” Blaire makes no movement or reaction towards the bride’s question for a few minutes, then quietly says, “For the same reason you love it. The eternal peace.”

            Hours fly by as the two talk. The sun sets, the birds nestle in their nests to sleep, and the two still sit by the pond. Drowning in Blaire’s words, Lisa learns more and more about this mysterious woman’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, and everything in between. When the moon takes over the sky, Lisa stands. “It’s been so much fun talking to you, Blaire. Unfortunately I have to go, but I’d love to talk to you some more when we get the chance.” Blaire smirks and lets out a soft scoff. Lisa turns around and begins walking away, but soon feels a tug on her leg. Before she knew it, she is dragged. No one was around to hear her fearful screams in the tranquil, lonesome garden. Lisa’s eyes reopen underneath the pond, being pulled further and further to the bottom. Looking down, Lisa sees her. This pruned, bloated body that held its hands tightly across her ankles, sinking further down to the endless bottom without life in its eyes. Lisa struggles and squirms, choking out Blaire’s name one more time. Her lungs fill and her eyes dim. At the bottom she stands with the jealous corpse. Lisa and Blaire now both dance amongst the subtle waves.

One thought on ““Tranquil Dance” – Sudden Fiction by Carlos Vicenty

  1. This is another from the recent “Flash Fiction Contest” we had – see the posting below this one for the prompts…

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