“Cold” – Poem by Megan Dupre


Bundled up by the fire
But your skin is like ice
Still striving for that moment
When your soul can be released
You do not try to be comforting
Your mind is too frigid
Hurt among your eyes
Can no longer be hidden
Pressure that constructs
Causes everything to blur
Tears stream down your face
No one is there to see them
Loneliness built up over the years
Stories forgotten, day by day
Heartache has come and gone
Life should be much more than that
Money is an issue
Though surely a last concern
Looking back, you are forced to wonder
Never did you see this coming
It only existed in distant fears
Death after death
No longer could you take it
Depression froze time
Fear dragged from marriage
Oh, the life you could have known
Your dreams were so colorful
But your story altered mood
Only black and white snapshots
Were displayed in your scenes
 If you were not so afraid
The mirror would be clear
You would see great passion
But a transformation so fierce
Made you forget how to breathe
All hope descended
The heat from the flames is useless
Your bones are too bitter
The hot cocoa drops to the floor
Pieces scatter, you are careless
With a final glance around the room
You feel more shattered than the glass


One thought on ““Cold” – Poem by Megan Dupre

  1. I wrote this poem not focusing on any certain individual that I know, but on who I do not want to become. This women is dying on the inside and as she looks back on her past she sees that holding back due to her fears left her with a life that she despises. She feels lost, as if it is too late in life to fix her faults.

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