The glow of streets at night – by Laura Bradford


The sky is an inky indigo, devoid of stars,

and so the bicyclist stands out: a shadow

wearing a red windbreaker.


But as he nears the intersection (and so do I,

caught by a red light), the lines fill in.

A face overshadowed by worry. Hands, pedals.


The shops and traffic lights shine neon.

The road is clear, dark, open to invitations,

lit by the sometimes glow of white headlights.


He rides on, and my radio station flickers static.

Raindrops spatter onto my windshield,

sparkling, tiny as a child’s glitter. 


3 thoughts on “The glow of streets at night – by Laura Bradford

  1. Thanks for putting this up, Dave! This happened to me on my way to work a few months ago–I was stuck at a red light on a really clear night, almost no one else on the road, everything bright and clean and just a little bit of rain, and a bicyclist went by on the other side of the street. Picture-perfect moment. When I got to work, I jotted it down on a scrap of paper so I wouldn’t forget anything, and typed up the poem the next day.

  2. What I always like in a poem and also in “The glow of streets at night” is when it’s a snapshot of a short moment in time. The elements in the scene that makes the moment memorable are well described by Laura Bradford: A face overshadowed by worry; A clear, dark road, open to invitations; Spattering raindrops, sparkling and tiny as a child’s glitter.

    I will subscribe to this blog, just in case there will be more poems like this.

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