3 New Writing Prompts

Club Prompts

These are pretty straightforward prompts (at least the 1st and 3rd ones are). Sometimes straightforward is best.

When you’ve done some writing you want to share based on these prompts, put it into the “leave a comment” box/link for this post…

Make sure to do each step, in order. Allowing yourself the “brainstorming” first steps can do so much for your writing… 

1)      “Writing with a mood”: Do each part one at a time, and letter them a, b, and c.

  1. Choose a mood.
  2. Brainstorm any words, senses, images, or details that come to mind when you think of this mood. Don’t worry if the details don’t connect to each other right away, or if they do at all. Just brainstorm.
  3. Then… look at the details from part b and start writing a scene using any or all of the details. Add a character to the scene, if you want to, or more than one. Or do whatever you want with it.


2)      “Catalogue Copy” – write copy for an unusual catalogue – maybe for a product or service that doesn’t even exist.

3)      Open Journal:

  1. Start by doing 5 minutes of open journal writing – just whatever’s on your mind.
  2. Then, pause and re-read your writing from part a. Is there anything in there you want to take further – either as a “deeper” journal entry, or as raw material for a creative short story, poem, or play?

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