Sudden Fiction – by Christine Lau

Fiction, Flash Fiction

Since our next Sudden Fiction Contest is coming up soon (stay tuned for details), here’ s another entry from our last contest

Where trees officially carried, almost quietly, the secret language of sorrow, a girl sat by a pond nearby. She put her hand in her pocket where she carried the little purple notepad that he left at her doorstep a year ago. One time, he drove two hours to see her, from New York after classes had ended. He was still in his school uniform- the black and for silliness, a light pink tie. She missed him wholeheartedly, but did he miss her? No, she didn’t think so. Not anymore at least.

She felt like a ghost, haunting his life, without even being there in New York with him. She haunted him in her mind, because that’s how she could be close to him. Pretend to sit beside him. Pretend to touch his hair and maybe even mess it up. “It looks fine,” she wanted to say again. “Don’t worry about it. Your hair looks fine.” She wanted to make herself believe that he still loved her the way he used to.

She felt lost without him. But the wind blew and carried her secret sorrow through the tree leaves. Fall is coming. She got up and went to a café. Does she want coffee? No, she wants something light. She wants tea. She imagined the small coffee trees carrying her grief; she didn’t want her secret within her anymore. She didn’t want to drink it and keep it bottled inside. She wanted to let it go. She wanted to be happy.

 (you can see the original Contest prompt here:


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