Untitled – by Laura D’Angelo


The echo of silence surrounds this place

I stare into another realm,

At the stranger falling beneath the surface.


The water consumes my identity

Leaving the rest of me incomplete

Floating along the ripples of change.


Though the sky is clear as crystal,

Dusk is only hours away

And I envy the stars that will fill up the sky.


Those perfect diamonds will soon take over

They will look down on me in pity

As I am still fighting the battle of uncertainty.


2 thoughts on “Untitled – by Laura D’Angelo

  1. i really like this. it speaks to me of water (perhaps the ocean?) of some kind and how it reflects reality back to us. i guess i’m also just a sucker for poetry involving nature. in particular, i like how you refer to the night sky and how it provides you comfort with whatever struggle you may be undergoing right now. keep up the nice work.


  2. I wrote this poem while sitting by the lake on the Smith College campus. It was originally meant to act as an alternative point of view to the poem, “Mirror” by Sylvia Plath. When I was finished writing it, I realized it reflected my individuality more than I had intended. I’m glad I was able to express that.

    drewfbush- thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate it 🙂

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