No More Pain – by Keisha Heathman


It was only two thirty in the morning and as usual, Kristy was up and her mind was racing. She had noticed that the other side of the bed was empty. “I wonder where Chris is” she thought. Lately Chris did not come home directly after work. It had been nearly a month since she last saw him for more than five minutes. She looked at her cell phone to see if he had sent her a text message or maybe tried calling her. Nothing! This had become a nightly ritual for her. She decided at that moment that she had taken all she could of her situation.

The next morning when Kristy woke up, she found three suitcases and started to fill them with clothes. Chris walked in the bedroom. “Where in the hell do you think you’re running off to?” He yelled at her. “I can’t take this shit anymore!” she cried. “I’m not in love with you anymore” she said while shaking uncontrollably. To her surprise Chris just walked and left her alone. When he did she grabbed the only thing that had kept her sane, her journal. She started writing as she had done for the last 3 years of her and Chris’s relationship.


February 7

Today I got the courage to leave Chris. I have no money or family. I’m so scared of being homeless. I need him around but I know he’s cheating on me. Maybe I should stay and try to find a job. He never let me work so I can’t do that. No I’m leaving! God help me if I don’t.

Just as Kristy grabbed her car keys and the smallest of the three suitcases, Chris walked in behind her. He grabbed the keys out of her hand and threw them into the hallway. Then he took the biggest of the three suitcases and swung it at her with all his might. He hit right in her head. She fell and hit the floor. Chris kicked her in the head 12 times before he noticed that she wasn’t fighting with him anymore.  He had succeeded in his mission.

Ring, ring! Ring, ring! “Hello, hello, Chris did you do it? Did you kill her?” That was the third time today that Lillian had me. I was so nervous after killing Kristy. Something didn’t feel right though.  “Lillian, I think we should go back to the house and make sure she’s dead” I mouthed desperately. Lillian laughed into the phone “you mean to tell me that you didn’t even check to see if the bitch was dead?” On one hand Lillian was absolutely right. Why hadn’t I checked her pulse? What if she wasn’t dead? What if she made it to a phone? “Lillian shut up woman! I can’t think with your yapper in my ear yappering away.” I was becoming impatient with her. “Listen to me carefully” I began to tell her. “I have to go make sure Kristy’s dead. It will be a while so stop calling me. The cops are going to want to check my phone and you aint gonna be the one to mess this up for me.” She sighed and said ok so I hung up the phone.

I’m pretty sure no one has any reason to believe that Kristy is dead so I can act like I forgot something and then report it. I drove up to the house. Everything was in perfect condition. I made sure to let all my neighbors see me so that when I ran out frantically, it would prove I had no time to commit the murder. I was all smiles during my act. My smile quickly faded though. I hadn’t turned on any lights when I left this morning. Oh no! “Kristy, Kristy honey where are you?” I said cautiously. No answer. I ran toward the bedroom now at full speed. “Oh shit, oh shit!” I said frantically. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and dialed Lillian’s phone number. It just rang. I called again, and again it just rang. Think Chris, think. She has no money, no family and no car. Wait, the car wasn’t here when I got here was it? Oh Jesus she could be anywhere by now. I looked outside and noticed that the garage door was open just a peek. We never used the garage so I was a little hesitant to go check it out but I knew what I had to do.

I opened the garage door the rest of the way and immediately, a smile came across my face. Whew that was close! Shit how did it get in here? Where is Kristy? She’s not in the car. Damn it! I can’t seem to ever catch a break. So she isn’t dead, but where could she have gone? Her journal! I have to find her journal.


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