New Writing Prompt

Club Prompts

Here’s a new prompt. If you try it, post your results in a comment responding to this message. 

Pick 3 of the following and write a stanza or paragraph about each one. Don’t worry at first if each piece connects to the next one (the very different nature of the prompts is intentional). If they remain as 3 separate pieces, that’s fine: 

  • A woman working in a diner
  • You have just landed on another planet
  • A description of a bag
  • How do you get yourself to do something when you don’t want to do it?
  • Description of an animal out of its natural habitat
  • A conversation between two people who usually don’t like talking to each other, but this time it’s different

When you’re done the individual pieces, try writing one more paragraph/stanza that connects, concludes, or otherwise follows from the first 3. Even though they might, in fact, remain as 3 separate pieces, you might be surprised at what can happen in this 4th part.

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One thought on “New Writing Prompt

  1. 1) I’d say the bag is khaki, but you’d think of some dull, drab color. In fact it was polished and glossy. It was about the size of a loaf of bread, but curved, like a banana. The handles were two loops, covered in braided leather. She clutched it to her side. The handles were over her shoulder. She gripped the handles and squeezed the bag against her side with a sharp elbow. It said it was a Dolce and Gabbana. It was a knock off

    2) On the other side of Tom’s cubicle sats young Mrs. Petersen; a notorious perfectionist and a “ice queen”. Next to her sat Dave. Dave had been quite the ladies man before he married; a pretty boy, actually. He was still a good looking little man, but had that beat pup look about him whenever a normal sized guy walked by. He like Mrs Petersen had a Masters. On the other side of Tom’s cubicle sat a bone-thin eco-friendly Christian, with a Master’s Degree in a kindred field. Tom trod into the office wearing the same clothes he’d worn at 2 in the morning with the fire alarm went off. He’d showered at the hall the rest of the volunteer firemen after they’d clean and put away the fire hoses, but a little whiff of smoke still stuck to him. Mrs. Petersen made a show of wrinkling her nose. Tom was big and clumsy; just the sort of guy that you’d want to kick in your door or carry you to safety if your house was on fire. he was balding with a hawkish nose and face unfortunately familiar with smiling.It was already hot in their office this early in the morning. His chair groaned as he sat at his desk. He was still excited and worked up from the fire. He wanted to open the window, but his skinny neighbor would get chill. Tom was a highly sought after technician with unique still. But he didn’t have Masters.

    3) A purse is sitting on Tom’s desk. A woman’s purse. He didnt’ notice until he sat. Now he notices that his computer is already on. As though some what had used it.

    “Mrs Petersen?” Tom calls whimsically over the partition.

    “Yes, Tom?” she snaps back into the air.

    Tom stands. He is tall enough to look over and down the partition. “Is this yours?” he asks lifting the purse into view.

    She jumps up; beet red. She runs around the partitions. With shoulder hunched she shuffles into Tom’s area. At arms length she stops and turns on the charm. “Oh my gosh! I stopped to leave you a note and I must of left it there. Oh, I’m so embarassed. ” She took the bag from his extended arm. He was smiling happily. She squeezed the bag against her side with a sharp elbow and schurried back to where she belongs with the purse. It said it was a Dolce and Gabbana. It was a knock off

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