Sudden Fiction – by Keisha Heathman

Fiction, Flash Fiction

Here’s another entry to last week’s Sudden Fiction contest (you can see the prompt in an earlier post). Here’s Keisha Heathman’s entry…

Last night was the first time she saw him. Time stood still as she watched him. After staring at him for what seemed like hours, she came back to reality. What the hell just happened? “Forget that I feel like I know him, why does it feel like I just saw a ghost?

She began walking away as the intense overwhelming feeling of anxiety washed over her. Why did I recognize him? Where else have I seen him? She grabbed her cell phone out of her pocket and called her friend Kari. “Kari, the weirdest thing just happened,” she told her. “Well are gonna tell me what happened or am I suppose to guess”? Kari asked. “Hello, hello, hello, Jenny you still there?” Kari was yelling into the phone.

Jenny wasn’t there though. Jenny had put the phone on the table and was now sitting on the computer. She was determined to figure out why his face was familiar. And then she saw it. The reason why face was so familiar. Staring her right in the face. “Oh my god,” she exclaimed. “I did see a ghost”.  

She recognized him as the man that had broken into her house many years ago and had brutally beat her daughter to death. She recognized him as the father of her now dead daughter, but most of all she recognized him as her daughter’s murderer.

He had been sentenced to life in prison but only served two years before a few of the inmates had beat him senseless. He was found with multiple stab would and internal bleeding which, she was told, led to his death. 

But there he was. Standing before her just hours ago. “It can’t be,” she said. He looked so completely different that she couldn’t tell until seeing his picture online but she sure it was him. She found it hard to sleep that night thinking about the day’s events. As she finally became to drift off into sleep, a knock came on the door……..

She woke up slowly trying to adjust her eyes to see the clock. It was 3:45 am. She got out of bed and went to the door. She looked through the peep hole to see her most imaginable nightmare staring back.  

It was him and……..her daughter. She flung the door open and began to cry as her daughter ran in. “Oh dear god baby, I thought I would never see you again,” Jenny cried. The man followed her daughter inside and took a seat.

Jenny wanted to know all about her daughter’s life and why she was alive. Jenny explained that the man had beaten her and killed many years ago. She also told her daughter the reason why she never knew he was her father was because the man raped her and she was in fact the product of a rape. She felt the need to tell her daughter everything since she had the chance to. 

Jenny became really agitated when her daughter didn’t respond. She wondered why she would completely ignore her. “Baby, why aren’t you listening? I missed you so much”!  

Still no response. 

She sat down in a chair and sulked. It was then that everything started making sense. “So dad, could you tell me the story of how you and mom met”? the girl asked. He laughed and told her for the one millionth time. She smiled. “I wish I had a chance to get to know mom,” she said. “I just can’t believe she died at such a young age.”

Jenny looked up as her world did a loop in her head. The pictures on the walls weren’t of her and her daughter but of her daughter with the man. Had she really died and made up this story of her life? She looked at a newspaper clipping that was on the table. It read, “Local Schizophrenic Woman Jumps in the River.” “The woman is being identified as Jenny Jones.”  

Oh damn, she had imagined it and not only that, but she was dead.


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