Sudden Fiction Contest II

Club Prompts, Flash Fiction

Since we’re expecting new readers (and writers) to the blog today, here’s another chance…

Write a piece of fiction based on the following prompts.  Share your results in a comment to this posting. (You can also, if you want, send your results to DEADLINE: Monday, March 8th at 9am.

Here are the prompts…

1. First, look at this picture by HCC alum Aliea Wallace: Use it as inspiration (in whatever way it strikes you):

2. “5-Letters Game” – You are given 5 letters. Each sentence of your first paragraph must begin with the corresponding letter. For example, if you did a 3-letter game using A  R  M, your first paragraph might be, “All the lights went out. Rochelle crouched down. Maybe no one saw her.”

The 5 letters you will use are…

L          T          A         W        F

3. Beyond those 2 prompts, consider any of the following: woods, street lights, a wet dog, coffee, a telephone.

This is not a quiz, so take the prompts and then go wherever you want to go with them. Get as creative as you want to.

This event is being produced by Pulp City, HCC’s Art and Literary Magazine (submissions/info: We plan to hold more events like this in the future.


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