New Writing Prompts (and some good old ones, too)

Club Prompts

Here are 3 very different prompts that all have at least one thing in common: they are very simple and straightforward – maybe even at first glance boring –  yet the writing they produce can be rich and surprising. The 3 prompts are…

1) DEFINITION: Here’s your chance to define a word – in whatever way you want to, whatever it means to you – in an essay, a story, a rant, a play, or whatever. Key words to choose from: leader, artist, freedom, friend, helpful, consistent, enemy, shocking, serenity. Or… choose your own word. People often get involved in writing from this prompt in surprising ways.

 2) Pick a situation from your life and write about it twice: Describe the situation “objectively.” Then… Give your take/impression/ideas about the situation. 

3)      Write a poem/short story/play including a letter (or, make the whole thing a letter).


And – while we’re here, here’s a re-post of a prompt from last month:

Pick 3 of the following and write a stanza or paragraph about each one. Don’t worry at first if each piece connects to the next one (the very different nature of the prompts is intentional). If they remain as 3 separate pieces, that’s fine:

  • A woman working in a diner
  • You have just landed on another planet
  • A description of a bag
  • How do you get yourself to do something when you don’t want to do it?
  • Description of an animal out of its natural habitat
  • A conversation between two people who usually don’t like talking to each other, but this time it’s different

When you’re done the individual pieces, try writing one more paragraph/stanza that connects, concludes, or otherwise follows from the first 3. Even though they might, in fact, remain as 3 separate pieces, you might be surprised at what can happen in this 4th part.


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