Soul Letter – a “Letter Poem” by James Maloney


One prompt that seems to work well for just about any kind of writing is to write a letter: an actual letter to someone you know (from the past or present – or the future, for that matter), a letter in some kind of creative writing, or another kind of letter entirely. This is a prompt that can be done over and over again, to different effect each time.

James Maloney wrote the following letter in the form of a poem called Soul Letter

Dear sir,
Don’t hold me back
from what I can achieve
Believe in me
like no one else can
Believe in me
who has his plan
Believe in life
Believe in love
Avoid your strife
and release this dove
Believe in compassion
as you take action
Believe in courage
and never discourage
Protect what you hold most dear
and don’t jump off that stupid pier
Enjoy the company of others
Be them enemies, friends, or lovers
Do not fear do not shudder
For every man is your brother
Every woman your sister
If you’d only listen mister
Protect your friends
Protect their lives
Protect your brothers and sisters
Protect their husbands and wives
Don’t hold back
And don’t give in
Protect this shack
This home your in
The time will come
for you to die
But fight the fight
Spit in deaths eye
Survive until the very end
and die with the knoweldge that you were a friend.
A friend with such extraordinary power
that you protected life until your final hour.
So farewell for now
as I leave you with thought
and remember this
or all will be for naught.


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