Friday Fiction: “The Dance” – Sudden Fiction by Brian Mejia

Fiction, Flash Fiction

Here’s another piece from our most recent Sudden Fiction Contest…


      Leslie stood beneath the old oak tree, in a grove. The air was cool and damp, and smelled of earth, and wild flowers. Artemis her faithful dog stood with her in the light drizzle that beaded on his fur. While she waited for the time of the great dance, her heart filled with excitement. Fairies began to gather in the wood, and with the Sylphs came a gentle breeze. Soon the great dance would begin.

      Soon the sound of tin whistles started to swell around her. Then the strum of a harp made from a living birch sapling and its strings made of spiders silk. Artemis was caught up by the fairy magic and stood on his hind legs and stepped in time with the tune. Leslie felt the pulse burn deep within her soul, as she began to sway in time with the beat. The Sound of the drums sounded like a thousand feet.  The feast of May had arrived.

      The fairy king and his bride danced with such grace that it seemed as if their bodies had melded into light. The birds of the trees sang songs unheard by most men, an ancient song that only the chosen could her.  A stag lowered his head as he bowed to a fox, and both galloped in great circles around the grove. Leslie’s hair that had been down was tied up in silk ribbon by fairy maids who wished to honor her on this very special day.

      The music got louder and the drums beat at a fierce pace. The entire world seemed to spin, and just as Leslie thought she would fall, there was silence. The dead silence, stopped with time it self and the rain that had been falling stood in mid air. The king and Queen, glided on beams of light to where Leslie was, and asked her if she was ready. She confirmed that she was.

      This special May day, she would no longer live in the world of men. She had saved the son of the king, and for this she would have wings. She kneeled down in reverence as light filled her hair. It flowed down her dress and transformed it into silk. Things looked so large and bright to her, and she was at peace. Artemis also changed, so she would always have her faithful friend.

      Evening set in and the fires were kindled and they danced late into the night. She took the name Bridgette, and she was given a silver crown. By the time midsummer would come she would be wed to Connor the son of the king. She took the hand of her husband to be and they all retired before dawn to a feast of honey wine, and fairy butter on fresh bread. Though she wondered what would happen in the coming future, she had no fear. With the fairies love flowed like water and joy shone like light. She had no fear, and was excited to see what the dance of her life would bring.


One thought on “Friday Fiction: “The Dance” – Sudden Fiction by Brian Mejia

  1. This brief tale I wrote in the flash writing competition, was inspired by the music I heard. The woman in truth is really youth itself, the dog is the human capacity for love and the fairies represent the hope. The stag lowering his head to the fox is symbolic that everyone at some point will have to face the predator of life (death) their dancing in the a circle is symbolic of the cycles of life and death. The king and queen are who we aspire to be. lastly her marriage to Connor is in truth when someone saves a dream and accomplishes it.

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