New Writing Prompt – “How to Write Like a Baby” (aka, Piaget’s First Stage of Development)

Club Prompts

Here are 3 new writing prompts to get you to write like a baby. Well, not exactly…

Art, Mind, and Brain by Howard Gardner has a summary of Piaget’s “stages of development.” Stage 1 is “sensorimotor intelligence” (0-2yrs) – “the child “knows” the world exclusively through his own perceptions and actions upon it.” (8) So, for example, if you give a baby a piece of clay, he/she can directly physically interact with it with the 5 senses – can smell it, touch it, taste it, etc. But when it’s no longer in front of the child, the child basically doesn’t think of it as still existing. The child doesn’t “think” about the clay – the child only interacts with it. And once it’s gone, it’s gone.

1) “Straight” description of a person/place/thing… Work with the idea of describing something in the barest sensory terms – without adding any meaning (memories, associations, interpretations, judgements) to it, and without comparing it to something else.

2) “In a bubble”: Describe a situation where you were immersed in a situation, oblivious to the outside world…

3) “Gone is Gone”:  Who/what were you once close to, but it/he/she left your life and never came back? Did you ever have this happen where you missed the person/thing far less than you thought you would, to the point where you could barely remember how important they were to you?


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