Friday Fiction: “Marston” by Francisco Rivera


Janice hangs up the phone and locks the door and runs back to her desk and just sits there watching the man come towards Out of This World Beauty. Janice’s heart is racing as the man reaches the door and smacks right into it as if he did not know there was a door there. He walks into the door again but this time he tilts his head as if he is actually puzzled. He raises his hand and slams it on the glass, Janice’s heart jumps, the man lets out a groan and slams his fist on the door harder and harder every time.

If it was not awful enough that Janice has a man who just tore a huge chunk of Ted’s face off, another man walks into view on the sidewalk in front of the shop. This man looks as if he is okay, there does not seem to be anything visibly wrong with him. He stops next to the man with shredded back. The man stares at the shredded man as he bangs on the door, the man then looks into the store. That is when Janice’s heart drops, the whole right side of the man’s face’s flesh has been stripped down to the bone. His right eye was able to survive this gruesome attack, it is till attached and dangles where his cheek use to be, she can see his jaw and his entire right set of teeth. Once he sees Janice he starts banging on the glass. A few seconds later, a woman who is missing her left arm shows up in front of her store and starts banging on the glass. Soon a large group of people have gathered outside the shop doing one thing and one thing only, banging on the glass. Janice can hear the thumps on the glass getting harder and harder, she can hear the glass shaking and in her mind she knows that the glass won’t last long.

As if by some cruel fate, the moment she thinks of the glass breaking, the right side of the shop window shatters into hundreds of pieces. The look on Janice’s face is sheer terror. Tears roll down her cheeks. Janice backs up against the wall in her office chair and knows that this is the end.




One thought on “Friday Fiction: “Marston” by Francisco Rivera

  1. This story has been with me for a long time and is finally done. It is the first story I have ever written and the first one that hopefully will get published. I came to write this because I thought to myself I love zombies movies and I love books so why not have a zombie book. Marston went from three books to one book and now it is a series I am currently working on part 2. Hope you like the this little taste.

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