Sudden Haiku Contest – and a few entries…

Club Prompts, Poetry

At yesterday’s Open House for high school students interested in attending HCC, we had a “Flash Poetry” contest. Students were given a choice of either of the two following images (by HCC alum Aliea Wallace):

The students at the Open house were given only a few minutes to come up with a short poem (could be in the Haiku form, though variations were fine, too) based on one of the pictures. Take a look and see what you can come up with for yourself. Share your results in a comment to this post, or send them to

Here are a few of the results so far…

Marching to the drums, in the thick fog.

The men are setting up for the night.

Smoke fills the air, breathing hard and slow.

Soldier taken away on stretchers.

When all hope is gone with nothing else to lose

The sun shines bright gleaming over the horizon

Night pushes away and in comes the light.

– by Michael W.


Cars are everywhere

And nobody seems to care

Heavy traffic ruining it all

Making temperatures gravely fall.

– by Liz T.


The smell of post-rain

everything is done, gone home

The darkness is here

– by Peter M.


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