New Writing Prompt – Pros and Cons

Club Prompts

Pros/Cons/Conclusion:  The idea of taking an issue, looking at the arguments for it, then against it, and then coming to a conclusion sounds more like an essay assignment than something you might write for your own pleasure. But what if you took a more open, creative approach? You might be surprised…

  • A 3-part poem – for, against, and conclusion/result (of some kind…).
  • A situation in your past where you were on the fence about making a decision – describing the two sides, and then eventually what happened.
  • Working with an abstraction: like the pros and cons of friendship, love, work, etc.
  • Working with an (apparent) absurdity: the case against birds, the case for wasted time, the case for not thinking clearly…
  • Take a trigger word, and see where that takes you in this two sides/conclusion form: a distant relative, a subway, a nagging feeling…

Try it. Feel free to post your results, or send them to


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