Friday Fiction: “Awakening” – by Francisco Rivera



Here’s an intriguing mix of police, action, and horror…

“What do we got here John?” Detective William Scott says as he puts out his cigarette with his foot.

“Well, we got the guy cornered, he is trapped in the building with no way out. We believe the girl Susan that we have been looking for is with him. I think he is doing things to her.”

“Why has no one gone in there and got the fucker, this should be over with by now.” Scott walks to a tent the cops have set up.

“We would, but we don’t know how he got in the building. Every door is bolted shut and the doors are solid steel. We are waiting for some demo guys to come so we can blast the door open.” John says this while showing him the cameras on the doors.

“By then the girl will be fucking dead. There has to be another way into the building. How about the windows?”

“The windows have steel grates on them and would require torches to get through them – which we don’t have thanks to the city budget cuts. We were lucky to get the demo guys.”

“So what, we are just going to fucking stand here and wait while that guy fucking tortures that poor girl to death?” Scott slams his fist on the table rattling the monitors on it.

They just stand there staring at the monitor that is staring at the building – when a loud piercing scream escapes the building.

“Fuck!” Scott screams out.

“Wait – does the asshole know we are here?”

“No, well he could, but that place is sealed up tight and we have made sure to be quiet. Unless he has cameras watching us, I don’t see how he could know.”

With that Scott runs for the building. His partner chases behind. Scott runs to the side, scanning for any signs of entry. He reaches the back of the building and almost gives up hope when he sees a little hole in the bottom of the wall real close to the ground. He instantly starts to kick at it. At first nothing happens, but the wall begins to give and soon falls apart creating a big enough space for him to get through.

His partner hastily follows suit and enters.

Side by side they quietly make their way through this condemned building, being careful not to make the slightest of noise. They reach the main entrance hallway and stop. They listen but no sounds. Something heavy drops directly in front of them. They follow the noise and it leads them to a room. Scott puts his ear to the door and can her whimpering coming from within. He gives John a thumbs-up. Scott and John draw their guns, Scott slowly places his hand on the door knob. Footsteps can be heard from within, then a voice.

“Know you will meet him, you will be his and he will use you. He is the will; with you he will awaken.”

Scott opens the door and rushes into the room he immediately shouts, “Freeze! Don’t move!” and brings his gun up to the man. John rapidly follows in his partner’s footsteps perfectly in-sync, like all this is choreographed. John moves to the right to flank the man. He promptly shouts “Drop the knife!”

The man turns to Scott and smiles. “There will be others. She is just one of countless others.”

A pulling sensation comes over both Scott and John; they can feel themselves being pulled towards the man. Darkness begins to expand on the man, rapidly enveloping his entire body. The room begins to dim and keeps getting darker. The man fades behind the darkness. A pulse shoots out, knocking Scott and John on the floor.

The room is lit again and the man is gone.


3 thoughts on “Friday Fiction: “Awakening” – by Francisco Rivera

  1. Thanks Angela glad you like it, This is not the end for Scott and John or the mysterious man. I plan on writing more.

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