“We Have Fought” – poem by Amber Phelps


Here’s a new poem – reminds me (in intriguing ways) of Sylvia Plath, at least in theme…


You put on your puppet show,

Your puppet had holes

Your true skin

Poked out, revealing you

Exposing me to the truth

My childish smile

Turned into what would have been a frown,

If it had been wise enough

My lips stayed frozen

As it tried to figure you out

You sucker punched me,

And my blood soaked

Into everything it touched

I frantically fought back,

Throwing aimless blows in every direction

You were striking me with perfect shots,

And pieces of me sprayed

A blow for happiness scatters across the courtyard,

A blow for family disintegrates into the air

Three blows

Shake, break and take

 My innocence

Exposed and corrupted

One final blow

Everything is gone

You picked me up and held me upside-down,

Ripping me side to side

Until I was empty,

And then you dropped me


With no one,

Not even you

I was left with blood stains, bruises and tears

Left with only a salty taste in my mouth,

With crusted paper Mache cheeks


When I got up to find you

I did

Your grin angered me,

Red-faced like I was holding my breath

Until I found you

I cocked my arm so far back-

You struck my entire body

I flew

One blow to my entire being

and I am consumed,

by love,

a lover

puppet no more


4 thoughts on ““We Have Fought” – poem by Amber Phelps

  1. i think dis poem is really good and i like it alot some what relates to me it sounds really good

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