“Headless Cartesian Blues” – poem by Christopher Goudreau


A flower for a thought  
Holds dear for a price that is taught 
And a bullet on the golden road  
For a death that is lost  
Headless, here throughout  
Wondering in strange and beautiful  
Imagination of karma and total wonder  
Painless in its embrace of exile  
But wholly unaware without its head  
A nuclear bomb for a war  
Heavy in the conclusions of politicians  
And a child and a soldier  
Lost better still for the dawn  
Headless, but in emotion  
Clotted the rainbow with liquor  
Melted the time with underwater souls  
Remembering nothing but cigarettes  
But trying to conceive the realm of nothing  
A museum for a cause  
Calling on the last of a bitter generation  
To consume its own regrets  
And learn something in the process  
Headless, but in euphoria  
Passing the daisy chains on fire  
Watching as the time grows dire  
Staring at the walls all cold and lifeless  
Earthly poet who writes all that is true  
Headless in everything until it once blooms



One thought on ““Headless Cartesian Blues” – poem by Christopher Goudreau

  1. I wrote this poem as a protest, specifically about all of the problems in America. It’s basically all of the various issues and insanites i think about from time to time, personifed by the use of Descartes “Cartesian Self’. For anyone thats taken philosiphy they will probably understand the meaning.

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