“Resign thy darkened eyes” – poem by Corey Olivier


This semester we’ve gotten a number of poems in really interesting older styles – to me, they sound like they could be centuries old – like “Coalwife’s Son”  and “Kissing the Zenith.” Here’s another new one by Corey Olivier (though this one ends in a surprising way, given the beginning)…

                “Resign thy Darkened Eyes”

 Resign thy darkened eyes to sleep

For years of living have made you weary

And years of dreaming have made you old

I myself have shared my heat and volume

And did the kick open this door?

Or maybe it just fell out of place

For now only a galaxy flickered

With all its light made ambient

Refracted out of calcium wings into

Shapes all too familiar to the prey

But we’ve found for some small moment

A modicum of joy within the vessel

Replete with beating hearts and bated breath

And am I a vessel?

How do I control myself?

This machine is unrecognized

And of a foreign design

I mistook a streetlight for the moon

And started to climb

And now its been made abundantly clear

Why teenagers never dream of love

And astronauts never dream of heaven

One thought on ““Resign thy darkened eyes” – poem by Corey Olivier

  1. I’ve always tried to write poems and stories with a lot of rich imagery that rushes out at the reader. Writing for me is a lot like putting together a puzzle; I can’t just sit down and say “ok, heres a poem.” I usually write something over the course of a few weeks, adding a line here, changing a word there, all the while searching in the back of my mind for the line that’s supposed to be next. Sometimes I’ll find it in a dream, or in something I overhear in a conversation. In a way, the world is really the author here. I’m just jotting down what it tells me.

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