“Climbing” – poem by Jennifer Jordan


Here’s a new poem by Jennifer Jordan. For me, it has a change-of-seasons feel to it, and I like the “second voice” in parentheses – glimpses of a running commentary emerging at times from another part of the speaker’s mind. She does similar things in other poems (which we’ll post soon). How do you see it?



Movement through air, branches shiver

A rogue breeze unearths peppery scents of

Molting leaves, crisp underfoot.

Roots emerge disguised from view

Ascension of winding paths carved around glacial quarry.

Brook nearby rushes with melted snow like my mind.

My whole being guided by pure thought

As I drift farther from time and reason, all thoughts consuming, blending

Childhood fears suppressed {for now}

Absolute power of what my eyes see, what I hear, what I feel {memories}

 Mosaics of distant places, tender moments, your face, your voice, your anger.

Your rage

{No not there}

Sun light flickers through hole punched tree tops

Short rests on cool rocks, warm moss between fingers

No lips moving for words slipping, just knowing

Who, what, why I am

Where I am

A continuation

Of the earth on my journey to the summit.



One thought on ““Climbing” – poem by Jennifer Jordan

  1. I wrote this poem after a recent hike to Monument Mt., Great Barrington, MA. I find inspiration to write from many things. It is always interesting to me what shape my writing takes on in relation to what inspires it and I am quite often surprised by where my mind ventures especially when it’s not where I thought I was.

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