Friday Fiction by Laura Visneau


Here’s an untitled fiction piece that Laura wrote at the end of her English class here at HCC. I like the manic energy of it. Many of the sentences blur together – appropriately, given the narrator’s state of mind – and sometimes catch me off guard…

You wouldn’t believe who walked into the gas station while I was working today! Chuck came in with the most disgusting outfit on; he was wearing these gross corduroy shorts with no shoes and a ripped shirt. My boss screamed at him telling him that he couldn’t be in here because he had no shoes on. Chuck didn’t care he didn’t listen to what my boss had to say. He bought a soda and secretly gave me an eight ball and then walked out. I went to the bathroom to do a quick line before Toni came to pick me up. I crashed my car last week I guess I drank a little too much that night. Luckily I didn’t get caught. My parents are still really pissed at me because “I don’t understand that I could have killed myself” but I completely do understand that I could have killed myself but do I care….NO!

So Toni came around 7:50 pm, we couldn’t wait to get our Friday night started. We went to the billiards where we met up with Matt and Jon and they said that we were late. We made up some stupid excuse that I had to stop at my mom’s to get changed. But we really sniffed half an eight ball in the billiards parking lot before we came in. We played pool for about an hour but then Nate showed up. He and I have been secretly hanging out but he’s a straight edge and doesn’t agree with what Toni and I like to do. He came over to our pool table and tried to strike up a conversation with me but Jon was too quick on it and said “WE are trying to play a game can you leave us alone!” Nate had no reply and just walked away. Jon had a huge smile on his face as Nate walked away, I brushed it off and just kept playing trying to hurry up and get the game over so we could leave. Right then Toni got a text from Richie saying “party at the apartment!!!” We quickly packed up our pool balls and brought them back up front to pay for the game. We got into separate vehicles, Matt and Jon went in Matt’s Jetta and Toni and I took her Impreza. Matt and Jon stopped at the package store and picked up a 30 pack and a bottle of vodka. Toni and I made a quick stop at Chuck’s house to pick up another bag of coke and then we headed to Richie’s apartment.

            When we finally got to Richie’s we were as high as a kite, Matt and Jon beat us there again. But it didn’t matter because there were so many people there. We met up with Matt and Jon. Toni and Matt went to the dining room to go play beer pong. Jon invited me to go play asshole but I turned him down, saying I wanted to go say hi to everyone else. I noticed Nate out of the corner of my eye, when the coast was clear I walked over to him and we found a quiet spot where we could talk.

            Nate and I walked to a hiking path, it lead to a pond in Richie’s back yard, we sat on a rock on the edge of the pond. Nate randomly said, “If you stop doing drugs you will see who your true friends are.” I was shocked to hear him say that. “What are you talking about Nate I’m pretty sure I know who my real friends are,” I said. “Rachel I really don’t think you do know,” he said. “Can we please stop talking about this?” I said. “Why? Because you know it’s true,” Nate said. “No, Nate – it isn’t true,” I said. “Rachel you should seriously try it,” Nate replied. “Nate, Toni just text me she’s wondering where I am, I’ll think about stopping are you ready to walk back to Richie’s?” I said. “Let’s go I’ll help you down the rock,” Nate said. As we walked back to Richie’s we didn’t really talk until finally I said, “You know what I will stop doing drugs but I’m not going to do it for you or to see who my real friends are. I’m going to do it for me!”


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