“the sea lives inside me” – poem by Maggy Curran


In all the poems I’ve seen by Maggy, she really seems to explore the emotions, meanings, and memories first – and then lets the poem take whatever form fits these ideas. The result can have surprising twists and a real energy…

you itch to do something because

lying in your bed doesn’t mean anything at all– 

we are mirrors.

your hand moves with 

mine, in time.

we are all just waiting, waiting waiting

for the sun and

drinking wine on the wet

grass. right now 

the air gets crisper and children soak

it in through their fingertips. the wind

stings like words dripping from mouths 

with swollen superiority. it hurts like starvation. 

dusk is the second unveiling of cloves and

skeleton emptiness. you cry 

like a soldier back from war.

i wear a blue dress. your scent is like 

rising dough, the smell of summer.


(Painting by T.F. Simon)


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