“The Amber Room” – by Christopher Goudreau


How I dreamt in silence with the sun behind my face

Murmurs from a tolling bell, as the moon did once embrace

Now I hear that gentle music passing slowly between the tides

They knew it all but nothing more, as time went drifting by

And it left me standing here, drowning in the rain

I’ve been drowning so long, can’t even hear the strain

That’s breaking apart reality with a word lost on a whim

How I dreamt within the amber room   

I first remembered knotted doors with faces made of glass

Left them all some parting words, “Nothing ever lasts” 

I beheld a key on the sunken floor but found it would not turn

But this memory escapes too soon, devoid of any form  

And it left me faceless, a freak of nature’s blight

I’ve been hiding jigsaw puzzles hoping to lose some sight

Of the eternal daytime and the night from which it woke

How I dreamt within the amber room  

I imagined wingless creatures seeking truths uttered false

They passed before my tired eyes and began their midnight waltz

Now my dreams become alive with life, they knew it all before

How I yearned to see the naked souls come walking through those doors

And it left me hateful, in a rage of unfound light

I’ve known for quite a while that this day has turned to night

Now thoughts have brandished in me a fierce and burning scorn

How I dreamt within the amber room  


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