“Good Morning” – poem by James Maloney



Oh here I sit in the waking hours of the dawn

Trying to maintain this midnight vigil.

It has gone on since dusk

And I haven’t moved from where I’ve sat.

The faint sounds of the crackling fire

The distant gentle breeze through the trees

And all this to spy on that beautiful ball of flame

As it rises over the horizon

Bringing light to the darkness.

And here you’ve fallen asleep,

Your head on my lap.

The rhythm of your breathing

Captivates me

The warmth we share

Stops me from moving

But, I reluctantly yet gently nudge you awake

to say two little words, “Good morning.”


One thought on ““Good Morning” – poem by James Maloney

  1. James writes…

    “In this piece I sat I my computer and thought of how when I go camping I try to stay awake to see the morning sun rise. So I sat at the computer and just started to do it in the comment box a 2:00 am. I thought to myself well what if I add another person to this and well just added it. I hope it’s well received.”

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