“Where Should I Go From Here?” – poem by Sarah Holbrook


An interesting poem for this time of year, with graduations here and summer on the way…


Am I on the right path?
Is this where I’m supposed to be?
I’m going down this deserted street
I know the path I’m taking is not the one most would
At this time in such a young life

I know I’m wiser than I ought to be
I want to do the right thing
And I’m better off than I should be
I don’t want to make anymore mistakes
I don’t want to be just the same

But at the same time I am lonely
And no one seems to get me
Being so different where you don’t fit in the way you want to
Knowing what you want in life
But can’t be completely open
I think I know who I am
But then again I could be wrong
I’m not sure which way to go at this crossroad
Please God speak to me NOW
Show me where to Go
Allow me to be strong


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