“Love and Death” – poem by Scott Chretien


Here’s a poem from Scott that I thought (based on the e-mail subject line) was a response to the trigger word summer from Friday’s post. Now that I read the poem, who knows? Either way, it’s pretty intense…

I got a story to tell

I’m afraid

This story hurts so badly

So I will not tell it

I had to turn that part of my brain off

The part that wants to speak

But I just can’t let it

I must move on

If I could I would just cut it out

Put it on display

Show you

Show her

Show all

The brain

That should not live

Because it only crushes

It says it loves

But it lies

It only knows

How to reach deep

Deep inside




Your heart

That’s what it does

Stay away

You don’t want this

But it wants you

It‘s death

Acting as love

I don’t have control

Wish I did

Cuz….I would kill it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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