“Numb” – poem by Malia Edwards


Here’s a poem Malia wrote for an English class here at HCC. We’d worked with Haikus in the class, and I think I see that influence – in the way some of the stanzas could stand alone. I wonder if she was thinking of that when she wrote it. The photo is from a travel web-site, and there’s something far-away in the poem, too. What do you think?

Understanding myself

Is a task I’ll never fully tackle

All I have is this rough copy,

nothing fancy


Admire, decay

Watch and fade away

Patterns fill a void

Of which defines the line


What am I supposed to feel, to see, to be?

Did I miss the target

Or is this where I’m meant to be?


Pink and blue shades of gray

Describe to me

Something worth my memory


Make a mix make a blend

That’s something I can send


I like the patterns of my voice

A sound I hear, like a name

Everything is clear but yet a haze

Things of desire never cease to amaze


I like the color of your hair

The way you make me feel like a child

The very soul of which is wild


Sights sounds

Buttons braids

Words flowing down a page

Letters falling free

Beneath me


You and me is where I need to be

I’m straying from the lines

Of where reality meets the end.



2 thoughts on ““Numb” – poem by Malia Edwards

  1. I just got ur email about this haha! I really liked writing this poem it’s sort of random and all over the place but that’s what gives it something extra I suppose… :]

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