“Summer Loving” – Friday Fiction by Sarah Holbrook


Here’s a good Friday Fiction story for the first official week of summer. Sarah wrote it as an essay in an English 101 class a few years ago… 

    This summer I learned how to love, trust and lean on someone. I went to Old Orchard Beach in Maine for the Fourth of July weekend.  The first day Natan and I made a connection at the pool it was a gorgeous sunny day and was warm with a light breeze coming our way.  While I was swimming I saw Natan glancing at me time to time so I gave it right back since I thought that he was pretty cute.  Later on I found out that he thought that I was hot and was trying to think of a way to talk to me without looking like a complete fool.

      Soon we were right beside one another in the pool so we introduced ourselves.  I took notice of his light brownish, reddish hair, hazel eyes, light complexion and his height. Natan had an adorable light French accent. He speaks majority of the time in English, but his whole family speaks French and English, since he lives in Quebec, Canada.  This fact was a let down, because I live in Ludlow, Ma.  What was even more disappointing was that he was turning sixteen in August. I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to be more than just friends due to our age difference.  I was still attracted to him nonetheless, because even though he’s young he seemed more mature than other men I know.  He had been hurt in a previous relationship, but he never made another real connection with anyone and neither had I.  We know how hard it is to find that significant other. 

      He fell into some kind of form of love with me and I guess I did too.  One night Natan told me he loved me in English and then realized by the expression on my face that I was shock, surprised and somewhat pulled away, by taking a step back.  I never liked hearing those words, because many people abuse them by throwing them around.  The next day as we walked down to the beach together, Natan said to me, “Last night you gave me a weird look when I said, “Je t’aime beaucoup.”  I asked, “How do you know that it’s really true love that you have for me?” 

      We talked for a while and he said, “I know, because I never felt this way before. You’re different and I want to spend all of my time with you and can see myself with you for the rest of my life.”  I was speechless and didn’t know how to react, but I felt the same way.  I enjoyed spending time with him and could see myself with Natan.  I could tell that every word was sincere.

      The next evening was really special.  Natan and I walked around the crowded shops.  It was an amazing night.  You could smell the pizza coming from the stands and the children laughing and screaming on the Play Palace amusement park rides. Natan bought me a zip up sweatshirt that I had costumed designed.  Afterwards we walked together hand in hand towards the pier.  Natan stops in front of the necklace stand and motions me to pick out the necklace I wanted.  I carefully selected a blue sun and a rose to go in the middle with two grains of rice with our names written on them.  It really touched me that he wanted to buy me a piece of jewelry.  We walked along the beach side by side, feeling the cold sand between our toes.  In a split second the final day of vacation arrived.  Natan and I had to say our goodbyes though we didn’t want to.  I cried and tears were rolling down my cheeks as Natan held me and told me that we would stay in touch.  We departed knowing that one day we would see one another again, one day.

       It hadn’t been long before we returned home that we were already discussing about how the long distance wasn’t going to work out.  I told him that if it were destiny we would be together again in the future than we shall one day, but that for now and for always we would be friends.  It was so hard telling Natan that we couldn’t be together now, but I had to for the both of us.  Eventually whether we like it or not one of us, if not both of us would move on one way or another.  Natan agreed and said, “Maybe in a couple of years it will be more realistic for us to be together, because visiting one another isn’t going to be easy.” 

      Once we understood one another I thought I would feel as light as air, that all the pressure was lifted off of my chest since I had said what was on my mind. But I wasn’t.  I finally had found someone who was affectionate, loving, caring and liked me for me, but all of that now is miles away.  I felt depressed and sad that I wouldn’t be able to see Natan for a very long time.  No matter what I did I would be constantly reminded me of Natan.  Whether it was a song on the radio or something I would come across in my room.  I tried so hard to avoid them, because I missed Natan so much and in some ways I still do.

      As of now Natan and I don’t talk as much as we did once we returned home.  We both are now in school and we live two separate lives so it’s hard to talk everyday.  One thing is for sure is that I will never forget him and I know that he won’t forget me and one day when the time is right we will meet again.  Though the summer didn’t last long I would have to say that this summer was by far the best summer I have ever had so far.  And best of all I’ve learned how to love, trust and lean on a male for help as an equal. 


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